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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy:

If you subscribe to one of the online programs/Courses or attend at Ghayah Center, you agree to the following return policy:

1. Registration in in-person programs (courses - workshops - meetings - special sessions - group sessions - or any other in-person programs):

  • If any attendance program is canceled or postponed, the customer may request a refund within (3 days) from the date of notification. At the end of the period, the customer may save the amount as a balance and use it within (four weeks) from the date of notification of the cancellation or postponement of the attendance program.

  • If the customer is unable to attend the in-person attendance program, the registration fees in the program will be kept as a balance in the event that customer service is informed via WhatsApp of non-attendance at least (four hours) before the date of the program, and the balance period is (two weeks) from the date of informing the customer of non-attendance, without refunding the amount.

  • If the customer registers in the in-person program four hours before its date (four hours) or less, they not entitled to be unable to attend, and the registration fees in the program are not saved as a balance.

  • Some programs may be excluded from the application of some of the terms mentioned herein, where the policy that applies when registering for them is mentioned in the program description.

  • The trainer/coach provided to the program may change for any circumstance, in which case the client is not entitled due to this excuse to claim compensation, attend another program, or refund the amount.

2. Booking for individual sessions/private sessions:

  • When contacting customer service to request a postponement of the session date at least four hours before the appointment, the session fees will be saved and postponed to another date of the customer's choice according to the available times only once, without a refund.

  • When the customer is late for their appointment, the late period will be counted within their session, and they are not entitled to claim compensation for the period.

  • The customer is not entitled to request the postponement or cancellation of the session date before the appointment (less than four hours), as the session is considered canceled, and the amount is not refunded and is not saved as a balance

   • If the client is delayed for 15 minutes or more, the session will be considered canceled, and the amount will not be refunded.

3. The balance due to the customer in Ghayah Center programs/ Courses/ Sessions:

  • The customer shall have credit in the cases mentioned in the above terms.

  • Those who have credit are not entitled to exchange it for other than the programs provided by Ghayah Center.

4. Steps to save and use credit at Ghayah Center website:

  1. Communicate with Ghayah Center customer service through Email/WhatsApp, and send the required data (customer name, e-mail, program to save its fees as balance.). 

  2. After that, the balance is added to the site on the customer's account, and it can be used when completing the order process. 

  3. If the customer wishes to use the balance in their fee program higher than the due balance, they can pay the remaining amount by any approved payment methods and register for it.

  4. If the subscriber wishes to use the credit in their fee program less than the outstanding balance, they cannot request a refund of the remaining balance.

5. Gift Card:

  • Neither the gift sender nor the receiver is entitled to request a refund from the gift card amount.

6. Registration in online programs/Courses:

   •   All Purchased Online Programs & Courses Are Non-Refundable.

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